Talk to any successful day trader and you'll hear a similar story. As important as it is to divine patterns from charts, it is likely even more important to record and analyze your trades in order to discover patterns in your own trading behavior. While overall trading activity moves quickly to capitalize on market opportunities, the individual trader relies only on himself to identify strengths and weaknesses in his own performance; winners and losers in the history of his own day to day transactions. And this requires careful record keeping.

But therein lies the rub. While every trader knows the importance of maintaining a trade log, most find the task of manually recording the details of every trade just too burdensome and time consuming. Even for those who meticulously log a history of trades, few are able to discern the patterns in hundreds or thousands of trades that will prepare them to improve their performance when the bell rings the next day.

Now there is a better way. Day Trade Analytics is a robust record keeping and trade analysis system that integrates seamlessly into your daily workflow, making the accumulation of trade data very easy. Add to that sophisticated analytics to help you measure your performance, identify your strengths, and learn from your mistakes. Our tools are created for traders by traders, and are both intuitive and powerful, delivering real-time insights that give you the edge to turn patterns into profits.

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